BadName coffee shops

I read in today's online edition of the Daily Herald that one of our Gurnee residents is going into stores where Diane, our neighbors and others shop and exposing himself. Twice recently, however he has a record of nine of these exposures, and the judge is telling him to "stay out of stores." As that is going to solve his problem. At present he is behind bars because someone served him liquor in front of bars thus violating his probation from one of the exposures.

Meantime over in West Dundee another one of those donkey name coffee shops is set to open in a strip mall, across the street from the post office. That will get exposure. The folks who work in other stores in the mall don't seem to mind having a coffee shop alongside as it should bring in more traffic for them. Looks to be good for the local college crowd as well. As for the name, nothing you don't hear on TV or on the street they say. Some residents do object, kin to the Antioch objectors I suspect, but the store will open. Depending upon how great the coffee is will be how long these shops stay in business.

One of the first things I heard on the radio this morning was that today is the birthday of Alan Young, Wilbur of the Mister Ed TV series. At 85 I wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well as being relieved that he is still with us. No mention where he lives. I think I can put the zebra story about his pal Mr. Ed to rest. Ed was a Palamino as well as a pal of a lot of folks. Might mention another website that checks out truth - altho I did not find anything on Mr. Ed. Guess it was so obvious who needs to check.

Today was a pro time day (been checked lately every two weeks) so I was off early - who could tell in the overcast/rain/drizzle - to the clinic where I was in and out within ten minutes. My route there, on Milwaukee Avenue, is now completely free of construction, has many miles of parkway with newly planted saplings along side two lanes of divided highway making the Vernon Hills journey swift and pleasant, especially since it took about a year or more to complete.

The FDA/Vioxx Senate hearings were all over the media today. As bad as everything I heard was, I am alarmed by the other drugs that millions of us are taking that are now suspect. Yes, I take Crestor, one of the drugs that should be looked into for renal failure. Before going on it I went thru kidney tests and since everything was coming out right this Ozzy has been taking Crestor for several months. As I see the problem drugs make the clinical trial tests cut, however since no one knows the long term results the drug manufacturers need to keep testing. In Merck's case, once they determined that Vioxx was misbehaving they pulled it off the market. As to the question as when they knew ...

Maybe going back to folk remedies is an option.