On this date in 1928

Hang on for another animal story. Today is the birthday of Mickey Mouse, coincidentally the stock of Walt Disney was up 28% (Ozzy didn't read the details) when Mickey opened in Steamboat Willie and the rest is history.

When in Jr. High I had visions of working for Walt Disney. I thought I was a pretty fair cartoonist so I made application. Shortly thereafter I received a reply - on full color Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs stationery - WOW! They figured I was a tad young, that I should finish high school, go on thru art school and then, if still inclined, make another application. They, or I, did not see WW2 in the wings.

The Ozzy completed high school, took some classes at night at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts (the same school that Walt Disney attended) and then was sucked into the service, Army Air Force, a Signal Company Aviation. After three years the war concluded, I was back home (so VERY fortunate) and courtesy of the GI Bill went to and graduated college. Since I had the summer off I used the rest of my GI Bill to attend the summer session back at the CAFA. Never did apply or want to work for Disney. Probably just as well as he did right well without me.

As our last stamp club meeting of the year (we do have our Holiday Dinner in December) is on Tuesday I spent some time today writing the club's newsletter, Perforations, getting it printed, stamped and into the mail stream. Doesn't seem like much however it does consume time.

Spent much of the rest of today reading. Didn't we just have an election earlier this month? Well, I read in the local paper our local mayor & trustees announced yesterday that most of them will be standing for re-election in April. They are going to continue to do good things so we folks of the village should vote for them.

Also, our newest mall, The Town Centre, fully occupied, I believe, has been sold for $44 million bucks. Anchored by a Borders book store, Old Navy, Starbucks and dozens of smaller shops it is closeby and draws crowds. Who would have thought it would be worth that kind of money. Oh yes, it does have a bank.

Weather is still mild but damp. Drizzle, rain, sun a no show and then tomorrow it continues with rain and falling temperatures. Noticed that a neighbor put up his holiday lights today.

In a week we go out for the turkey and trimmings. Usually stay home for a family dinner and conversation, however let's be different this year. Let someone else do the clean up.

Someone else do the clean up - BRILLIANT!