Donca just hate it when ...

... you write out a text file and when you go to print or transfer it your computer freezes and you are stuck?

This happened to the Ozzy yesterday afternoon when I wrote out my "Soup or Sundae" post for this blog using my laptop. I need to transfer text files using "jump drives" into this desktop for Ozzy entries. The writing went well but when it came time to get it over to a jump drive my laptop would not recognize them (as I tried the three I have) so with some dickering around I did manage only to save the post to the LP HD.

Then I could not turn off the laptop, running amuck on its battery until Diane showed me that if I pressed the power slot and held it down the machine would surrender and turn off. She was right!

Monday morning, as this is written, the XXXIXth Super Bowl is history and I was able to get yesterday's post transferred to a jump drive and then into this blog. Good thing I made no predictions as to the game or players.

Since I did not turn on this desktop at all yesterday (when was the last time THAT happened?) this Ozzy has read no comments on the ads of Super Bowl nor did I see any on TV or in the dailies. For what it is worth the Ozzy Comments.

As usual the team that commits a grevious error loses. The Eagles could have won, but coulda doesn't a champion make. T.O. kept his mouth shut and his antics to a minimum and performed great coming off his broken leg. McNabb certainly had the passing yard numbers but for nought. The right guy, Deion Branch, was selected as the MVP. Certainly humble for the honor. The Pats deserve being the winner. Let's see, the BoSox, the Pats, hey, Celtics, what are you doing to win?

As for the commercials, what a bunch of bland bummers. The best IMO was the Bud one in the train station with returning service people and the crowd clapping for them. We must assume they are returning from battle, they could be going to the Middle East or they could be going to Carnival in costume.

Many of the commercials were not new. Thankfully others would be shown only once as they were that bad. A few made no sense at all. This Ozzy could have used that money spent for them in much better ways. Do I hear a chorus of "so could I"?

Next week is the Pro Bowl. Thankfully the end of this NFL season.

Today, if you visit your local post office you'll be able to purchase the new Ronald Reagan commemorative postage stamp as it is being issued today. The design is great and it should prove to be a popular issue.